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EKOPROGRES was founded in 1990. We started as small family company and have grown over the years in to a modern company with well designed and  top quality  products which include high quality treated water solutions and simple maintainance.  We are responsible producers and our products are enviromently friendly with 99% being recyclable.


Our modern offices and production premises


We are the largest company in the Slovak republic that make products using rotomoulding technology. Our company has 3 manufacturing premises in Slovakia. We have grown to become one of the biggest companies in central/eastern Europe that produce wastewater treatment plants and solutions.


We have many products:

• Sewage waste water treatment
• Sewer manholes
• Pumping inspection chambers
• House inspection
• Water flow measuring
• Waste containers
• Water tanks


We manufacture small Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) for individual houses (6 people) right up to plants for big towns (360 people).

We sell our products in many countries: Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania,Slovenia, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and United Kingdom.


We pride ourselves on being an environmentally and responsible company,

always researching and investing in the latest technologies.


Company Ekoprogres produces high quality products. Ekoprogres v.d. used

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COV EC 6 12 18 SBR-2 nadrz na pitnu vodu
sewage waste water treatment water tanks
  precerpavacie sachty
sewer manhole pumping inspection chamber
 domove sachty  vodomerne sachty
house inspection water flow measuring
 kontajnery na triedeny odpad cestne bariery
waste container barrier /road runner/